Thursday, February 28, 2008

SOLD - Sorry Honey, but this is only a one nightstand... $40

So hot it doesn't need a match!
One Danish Style Retro nightstand for sale. 24"w x 17"d x 30"h.

SOLD - Small Writing Desk Converted from Antique Sideboard - $90

Not desky at all!
If you need a desk but want to keep an elegant ambiance in your bedroom or home, this is the item for you! This gorgeous little sideboard has been converted to hide a slide out writing surface and has a few drawers for storage.

SOLD - Butler Chair - $35

No more wrinkled regrets...
Carved out of wood, this chair is intended as a place for your jacket after a formal night out.

SOLD - Vintage Tin Top Kitchenette - $250

The heat is on!
Bold. Sassy. No excuses. Is this you? Table measures 42" x 27" and the draw leaves add and extra 20" to the length.

SOLD - Medium-sized Wood Shelf - $60

Perfect Size!
Great little shelf, made of real wood! Not sure what kind, but the grain is pretty and it has a very smooth finish. It's nice to look at and touch, sure beats the IKEA particle board stuff.

SOLD - Charming Formal Dining Set - $325

Table + 2 Leaves + 6 Chairs
This table and chair set is decorated in elegant detail - note the tops of the chairs and corners of the table. This is a unique formal set and a deal at only $325. There is minor damage on some of the chairs. Table measures 46.5"d x 60.5"w x 30"h. Each leaf adds 10.5" to the width. All real wood!

SOLD - Teak Wood Desk - $150

Just look at those lines...
This desk isn't just some IKEA imposture ready to fall apart. Made with gorgeous teak veneer, it is smooth and natural looking, great for a home office. 4'w x 23"d x 30h.

Friday, February 22, 2008

SOLD - Paisley Accent Chair - $95

Nearly New!

Adorable, brightly colored accent chair donated to us in clean and almost perfect condition.

SOLD - Oak Table and Four Chairs - $95

For the smaller dining area. Cute little dining set. Dimensions of the table: 58" X 44". Chair backs are a bit mismatched and distressed. Still a good usable set.

SOLD - Early twentieth century suitcase - $100

Still completely usable!
Check out the old time cloth lining and the label.
Latches still lock. Dimensions: 38" X 22" X 15".

SOLD - Coooooool Settee Reproduction - $185

Delightful wood carving. Vivacious red floral upholstery design. Dimensions: 69" long.


Pair of Asian teak boxes.

Iron handles.

Dimensions: 16" cubed.

Cute little metal elephants all over the surface.

$50 each.

SOLD - Breath deep the cedar waft!

Lane cedar trunk in pretty darn good condition. Exterior is mahogany veneer in a Deco Waterfall design. Inside is clean and tidy.

Dimensions: 46" wide X 19" deep X 22" tall. $175

SOLD - Antique Flame Mahogany Veneer Dresser - $225

Hurricane Survivor!

Legend has it that the house was destroyed and this chest of drawers was one of the only surviving pieces. Look closely: the top reveals repair work was done. Dimensions: 44" tall X 20" deep X 41" wide. Made circa 1880.

SOLD - Gen-u-wine Victorian Sofa - $225

This is the original upholstery!

It does have a worn spot on the seat. The wood work and shape are remarkable.

Come see it for yourself.

SOLD - 4 Pieces Redwood Lawn Furniture - $120

Chaise lounge, recliner, chair and side table.

SOLD - 7 Year Old Whirlpool Refrigerator - $125

Works great.
Five and a half feet tall.
Freezer on top.

SOLD - Antique Swedish Trunk - $150

circa 1880sAmazingly well preserved.

Swedish embossed-leather domed trunk. Rare. Made circa 1900.

SOLD - Animal Horns - pair

Are these water buffalo horns?
Exotic and interesting texture.
Nice color with the light shining through.
Small eyelet hooks on back for hanging.
$75 each.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

SOLD - Wooden Bookshelf - $60

For only $60 you can have the real thing. Real wood with just a touch of detail, this bookshelf will serve your needs and you don't have to assemble it yourself.

SOLD - Danish Modern Pair End Tables - $75

Authentically cool. Nicely made, good condition and retro.

SOLD - Viking Trader Scandinavian Hutch - $325

Sleek, Smooth, Modern
Originally sold for $3,000. This Viking Trader beauty is available to you at a fraction of the price $325. It is in excellent condition and seems to be made or solid teak or at least part solid teak. It's got great lines and everything about it is just as smooth as silk. 75"w x 70"h x 20.5"d

SOLD - Full McRoskey Mattress - Extra Firm - $300

Handmade to Perfection!
The maker is famous for high quality... and higher prices. McRoskey is a 100 year old company located right in S.F. We can't offer their lifetime warranty to you in the transfer but you can still get an excellent deal = $300 for a $1600 mattress!
(No box spring included.) Read the rave reviews on and

then come see for yourself. This is the EXTRA FIRM model and may be about 15 years old. No stains or rips, but there is slight smudging that probably came from laying against the wood of a platform bed.

SOLD - Shaq's Lingerie Chest - $225

Ok, well maybe Shaq doesn't wear lingerie...
This gorgeous pine chest is great looking storage and can hold a lot of your precious items while taking up minimal horizontal wall space. 78"h x 24"w x 20.5"d.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SOLD - Afghan Prayer Rug - $125

It is worthy. I am worthy. You are worthy.
Hand made. Excellent condition. Dimensions: 51" X 33.5"

SOLD - * Insert nude model here and begin drawing.

Crate and Barrel Bench of Silk & Steel. Beautiful and nearly new. Able to spice up even the dreariest of rooms.

SOLD - 4 Upholstered Chairs - $180

Virtual Newness from Crate & Barrel.

4 barely-used dining chairs that were donated from a family's vacation condo in S.F.