Saturday, May 31, 2008

SOLD - Li'l Pine Kitchen Table - $75

Drop-leaf bistro table

Great for a small kitchen

Pine from Brazil

SOLD - White Sofa and Loveseat Set - $125

Sofa for $75 and Loveseat for $50.

Buy as a set and save money.

SOLD - Gray Contemporary Sofa - $150

Everyman sofa

8' sofa

SOLD - Ikea Expedit Shelf - $70

Terrific storage unit

Dimensions: 60" X 60" X 15" deep

Delivery available.

SOLD - 9' X 5' Chinese Rug - $65


1/2" PILE

SOLD - High Boy Dresser, solid wood - $100

"Which room would you like it in, ma'm?"

Dimensions: 39" wide X 20" deep X 60" tall. Delivery available.

SOLD - Pine Ikea Dresser - $125

Handsome high boy.

This really is a nice dresser.

Easy to transport with the drawers removed!

Dimensions: 32" wide X 19" deep X 48" tall.

SOLD - High Boy Dresser - $65

Light weight and functional.

Easy to transport.

32" wide X 20" deep X 46" tall.

Delivery available.

Night stand is sold.

SOLD - Computer Desk, handsome - $40

shhhh... genius at work ;-)

Why not have a good looking computer desk?

Dimensions: 48" wide X 24" deep X 55" tall.

Knotty pine veneer on particle board.

Delivery available.

SOLD - Mod Chairs - $30


Too Fun! You gotta smile when using these cuties every day.

SOLD - Country Kitchen Chairs - $50

A great deal! Set of six kitchen chairs with oak frames.
We have many more chair sets in stock.

SOLD - Asian formal dining chairs - $125

Sturdy condition. Seats covers can easily be changed to fit your decor.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

SOLD - Cute Mosaic Garden Table - $75

Great addition to your garden escape. 30" diameter.

SOLD - Forest Green Sofa and Loveseat - $400

Comfortable, clean and well made set. Will sell separately

SOLD - Ikea Loveseat - $85

Put it on your shoulder and take it home.
Another light loveseat from Ikea.
Great for students and frequent movers.

SOLD - Rocket Red Sofa - $200

Smoking Hot Sofa
Nearly new.
Excellent condition.
Yours for a steal.

SOLD - Quality Maple Rocker - $50

Don't like the fabric? Change it or just remove it. A great and comfortable chair that should last for many years.

SOLD - Futon Flower Power - $35

feel the love

into a

SOLD - Pine Writing Table - $50

Image this sky blue table under your creative endeavors. Dimensions: 48" X 30".

SOLD - The Indestructible Child's Bed - $60

Pine Captain's Bed. Good strong stuff here. (No WWF though). Lots of storage. A space saver!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

SOLD - Red Victorian Chair Set - $250

These are reproductions of Victorian furniture that were probably made in the 1940s. The red velvet upholstery and the wooden frames are in nice shape.

Sofa is sold. Chairs are available.

Check it out!

SOLD - Cube Chairs for your Mod self - $30 each

Microsuede seats.
Asian mahogany.

18" cubed.

SOLD - KitchenAid electric dryer - $90

Made in 2001.
Dryer is in fine working condition.
Regular 110 plug.
Delivery available.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SOLD - Magnificent Hand-Carved Sideboard - $1250

Top Quality!
Made from the best -- Honduras mahogany.

A century of owners have kept this piece
in excellent condition.

See it for yourself!

Dimensions:71" wide X 68" tall X 27" deep.

Friday, May 16, 2008

SOLD - Little Red Filing Cabinet - $15

Nothing spectacular... but it's cute.
Veneer is a very red mahogany paper.
Surface slides out to make a small desk.