Saturday, April 25, 2009

SOLD - Punching Bag - $100

This heavy bag and speed bag stand is made of heavy duty steel with a wide footprint for increased stability. It will fit nicely in your home or apartment.

# Includes Heavy Bag and Speed Bag
# Adjustable height to 7'
# Stand is wider for better support and more workout room
# Weights can be added to the (3) posts for increased stability
# Accommodates up to 100 lb. heavybag
# Ideal for those who can't hang a heavy bag from the ceiling

SOLD - Table and 3 Leaves - $150

The six chairs are available for $75.

SOLD - Metal Occasional Table - $80

SOLD - Olive Loveseat - $100

SOLD - Maple Buffet - $85

A nice, smaller size for a home with less space.

SOLD - Party Dress! - $20

Did somebody say "PARTY"?

SOLD - Dressmaker's Vanity - $600

Exquisitely ornate furniture made in the early twentieth century. Includes fabulous, colorful carved and inlayed elements: mother of pearl, brushed copper, various woods. Dovetails are hand done. The two mirrors pictured attach to each outside edge to give the dressmaker a 3 dimensional view of his dress dummy. We have all hinges and finials.