Sunday, January 01, 2017

SOLD - THIS SATURDAY!! 3rd Annual Uhuru Health Fair!

Recent statistics by Alameda County show shocking disparities of health in the African community. Compared to a white child born in the Oakland Hills, an African child born in East Oakland can expect to live 15 fewer years. 15 years of life lost is the result of grave health disparities in nearly every area of life. African people have the highest rates of death by far of all cancers. Our community has the second highest rates of stroke, heart disease, chronic lower respiratory disease and more. Low birth rates and infant mortality rates in the African community are alarmingly high, even nationwide. The statistics continue including obesity, high blood pressure, HIV, opioid addiction, disability, mental health and more.
The solution is African self-determination. We must solve these issues by putting the power of health and health care in the hands of our community.
APEDF is hosting its annual health fairs in Oakland, Philadelphia and St. Petersburg, FL. They are providing free health screenings, interactive workshops, childrens' activities, food giveaways, presentations, entertainment, vendors and more. Support African self-reliance, get involved today!

- Attend with your family and friends
- Join the committee, sign up in the store or contact us meeting info: oakland.volunteer@, 510-763-3342 x3- Are you a health expert and want to donate your skills? Call us at 510-763-3342 ext. x3
- You can also donate $ at this link or purchase an ad for our program booklet - contact us!
Thank you!