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Vanguard: The Advancement of the African Revolution 

"Our congresses and plenaries contribute to our ability to hold the line to protect, defend and solve the problems of the Revolution. This is what revolutionaries do. This is what a revolutionary party does. It is also true that the system of oppression under which the entire world we live and struggle, is a parasitic capitalist system that owes its existence to and is nourished by slavery and colonialism. The legitimacy of any movement of the oppressed must ultimately be..."

Black Women Demand Revolutionary Organization!

Column Editor: Yejide Orunmila President, African Women's Organization

Since the African People's Socialist Party officially formed the African National Women's Organization (ANWO) in 2015, we have been developing into a political strong organization. This is important in order to fulfill the strategy of the Party which is to bring African women into revolutionary political life, through organization. After all, we are the only organization for African women with the implied mission of filling our our ranks with African poor and working class women. 

Struggle Between Working Class and the Petty Bourgeoisie 

In order to accomplish this objective, we have struggled with our members to abandon any petty bourgeois aspirations and contribute their skills to the interest of the African working class. This has been a point of contention which has led to many struggles struggles inside ANWO, as we've fought for structure, accountability and action. The basis of the struggle has been that some members joined not understanding that they aspire to be the African petty bourgeoisie- a sector of the African colony who maintains the status quo and are not particularly interested in becoming the "Leaders of the African Revolution, shapers of our new society." 

There are also women who we consider the radical petty bourgeoisie. These women are unhappy with the current social system and are constantly voicing outrage or protest in order to initiate reforms within the capitalist system. In either instance, the outcome is African women who do not believe that African liberation is possible but join ANWO because it represents militant politic that they hope to embody. 

Kill "Becky" 

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